My journey through technology has helped me to become a jack of many trades.

I always bring my knowledge to the space I'm working in and find ways to increase productivity, efficiency and maintainability.

And I'm always ready to learn something new...

The field of technology and software is constantly changing. One of the challenges for individuals is to just keep up. I quickly found it's virtually impossible to be good at everything, but of course you can always strive for it...

In the past I've worked on integrating multiple distributed systems using Java, JMS and IBM Websphere MQ to facilitate communication. I've worked on building an Eclipse application for weight management of Boeing airplanes. I've led a development effort to completely refactor a c#, .net and SQLServer application used for product workflow.

Recently, my favorite poison has been web development. I've become familiar with HTML5, CSS3, Less CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Apache Velocity and, to some extent, MAMP. (Mac, Apache Tomcat, MySQL and PHP) I enjoy building fun, creative, useful tools on the web and exploring sites to see how others do the same. If anything though, my explorations in web development have made me even more aware of the constantly growing and evolving arena of software development.

Process is also important to me. Twice I've seen a gap in process, stepped in and led an agile approach to development. This has always resulted in quicker deliveries, higher-visibility into development and the setting of realistic expectations for all parties involved.

HCA IT&S - Web and Social Media Services November 2010 - Present
Delivery Manager
2545 Park Plaza Bldg 3 Nashville TN 37203

Since joining HCA IT&S, I have helped a small team of web developers, project managers and support personnel to help migrate over 900 older websites to a new content management system (dotCMS) for HCA. Primary tasks were to develop new functionality for these sites via dotCMS widgets and Apache Velocity code within the dotCMS system. I was also tasked with building functionality that was available in the legacy system, into the new system.

As there was little process before I started, I took it upon myself to implement an agile development cycle in which code was developed and released in short 1 month iterations. This kept code in production stable and allowed us adequate testing and QA before releasing code to our customers. In the 4+ years that we have been using this process, we have added in a change board, planning meetings, JIRA, an agile board and have developed a team velocity based on estimates.

In addition to my development and process roles, I:

  • lead the move of our implementation away from a 'website-by-website' custom solution into an 'enterprise-wide' approach where code is centralized on a global server, thus making it much more manageable and maintainable
  • helped with the creation of the Hospital Unified Technology that fuels most of our hospital sites (see for an example)
  • co-led an effort to build out 'entity branding' where branding was added to a central, authoritative repository where it could be pulled to build out dynamic stylesheets.
  • have been managing the development team. This includes conducting 1:1 meetings and the semi-annual performance reviews.
  • have helped implement HCA's CRM Modules - a unified strategy to pull authoritative event and provider data and display it on the websites via an enterprise system bus known as 'the Forge'.
  • have been subject matter expert and 'acting' architect for dotCMS and our implementation for the past 3 years

Skills and Tools:
  • HTML / HTML5
  • CSS / CSS3 / Less CSS
  • Javascript / jQuery / jQuery Mobile / jQueryUI
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • dotCMS / Apache Velocity
  • Adaptive / Responsive Design
  • Java / Eclipse / dotCMS Plugin Development
  • SmartSVN / JIRA / Textmate / Transmit
  • Agile Methodologies and Process
  • JIRA / Basecamp / Project Management
The Boeing Company - ECL April 2009 - October 2010
Development Lead / Application Developer
1301 Southwest 16th Street Renton WA 98057
Denise Hoyos / Jennifer Davis

Joined a small team to help with the completion of the Electronic Checklist (ECL) tracking system for Flight Operations Support (FOS IT). ECL is a web application used to automatically generate product data and the ability to track these products to completion. The multi-tier project uses a SQL Server backend, LINQ for an Object Relational Mapper (ORM), C# for the business and controller layers and ASP .NET / jQuery / jQueryUI for the user interface (UI). We subscribed to an agile methodology where we would status our tasks daily through VersionOne and Microsoft Team System.

My responsibilities were to meet with customers, elicit requirements, provide design and architecture documentation along with technical oversight and develop the application.

Skills and Tools:
  • Visual Studio / Team System
  • C# / .NET
  • LINQ
  • SQL Server / T-SQL
  • jQuery / jQueryUI / jqGrid
  • CSS
  • Visual Source Safe
The Boeing Company - FCS ACE July 2004 - December 2008
Application Developer
9725 East Marginal Way South Tukwila WA 98108
Joan Rankin / Mark Nakamura

Within the Future Combat System Advanced Collaborative Environment (FCS ACE), I served as a developer on a team dedicated to implementing integration across an extended enterprise of distributed systems consisting of Boeing, its suppliers, and various government sites. This was implemented via an integration broker (Tibco) in conjunction with XML-based enterprise messaging using WebSphere MQ and web services.

As a developer, my responsibilities included transaction development, which in addition to the actual development also included documenting the requirements, creating the design, defending the design in a formal architectural review, writing the test plan, and writing the interface control document (ICD) that is published out across the enterprise.

As a Tibco administrator, my duties were to monitor all Tibco environments for problems, maintain uptime, and build, load and deploy enterprise archives while actively searching for process and architectural improvements that may enhance the performance and reliability of the system.

One major accomplishment was leading an effort to use an implementation of Scrum as an approach to software development during a major software upgrade. The management team embraced and implemented the process, finishing 15 two-week sprints and successfully completing the upgrade.

Skills and Tools:
  • Tibco BusinessWorks
  • Java / JMS / JSP
  • Oracle JDBC / SQL
  • MQ Series
  • Windchill / Info*Engine
  • XML / XSLT / XML Schema / SOAP / WSDL
Graduated from Seattle University
Seattle University
901 12th Avenue Seattle WA 98122
  • Master's of Software Engineering
  • Graduated – 06/2009
  • GPA – 3.98
  • Bachelor's in Computer Science with specialization in Business
  • Graduated – 06/2004
  • GPA – 3.85 Major GPA – 3.85
  • Website Development using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript
  • Mobile Web Application Development
  • Database Design and Interaction
  • PHP
  • Android Development
  • Objective-C Development
  • Ruby
  • Photography - Canon 60D and various lenses
  • Good Beer